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PRICES for information purposes:

Minimum 10 Euro/sqm>Maximum 14 Euro/sqm

Minimum 12 Euro/sqm>Maximum 17 Euro/sqm

-consultancy with the client in order to understand the desired style, preferences (1 day for 4-6 hours);
-presentation of the image and discussions in order to understand the solutions we intend to integrate in the interior design concept;
-selection of hues, materials and discussions for each detail that will be integrated (day for 4 hours);
*optional (if the client has favorite products and wants them to be integrated in the said concept
–visit with the client in the specialized showrooms / shops (1 day );

-hand made drawings using a pencil for establishing the concept and integrating the preferences in the presented drawings (2 proposals scheduled), with the finalization of one single variant in a concept phase (changes of the drawings are admitted in a percentage of 50%) (8 hours);
- 3D phase following the drawings performed and discussed upon (3D changes are admitted in a percentage of 10 %).

+2 Euro/sqm (only after the concept phase)

(only after the concept phase)
-Plan for furniture- at a scale;
-Plan for ceilings-at a scale;
-Layout for furniture;
-Layout of lighting devices;
-wall displays only for the important areas that require scheduling;
-Layout summary with finishing, colours in DIGITAL format

CONCEPT for: commercial areas,
Office areas and public areas
MODERN arrangement -

Minimum: 13,00 Euro/sqm > Maximum: 18,20 Euro/sqm

CONCEPT for: commercial areas,
Office areas and public areas
- CLASSIC arrangement

Minimum 15,60 Euro/sqm > Maximum 22,10 Euro/sqm

EXECUTION project for: commercial areas,
Office areas and public areas

+4,00 Euro/sqm (only after the concept phase)

Process for information purposes only:


- MODERN arrangement - 5,00 Euro/sqm-
- CLASSIC arrangement - 6,00 Euro/sqm-

The consultancy project comprises:

Handmade drawings for each area (2 perspectives);

-drawing plan for furniture;
-drawing for ceilings in which the lighting devices are indicated;

-finishing table in digital format;
-layout with furniture included/lighting devices.


 *NOTE: For large areas between 400>1000>2000 sqm or over a reduced price is calculated

 *NOTE: The indicated prices are approximate and the price depends on the total area, the complexity of the project, the approached style and the client’s requirements.

 *NOTE: In the indicated prices the approvals and authorizations (in case of changes) or the site follow up are not included.

*NOTA: Prices without VAT
*Prices for information purposes


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